Are You a Frustrated FSBO in the Iowa City Area? Reasons to Rethink Your Strategy

Are you trying to sell your home in the Iowa City area yourself without any success?Choices for FSBO Sellers in Iowa City, Coralville and North Liberty IA The real estate market is picking up and yet you aren’t able to sell your house. Why is that?  I think a contributing factor is that buyers are working with real estate agents and have access to homes on the MLS. As long as there’s a good inventory of homes on the market there’s really no need for a buyer or their agent to make the extra effort needed to find your for sale by owner listing.

Selling a Home in the Iowa City Area is a Full Time Job

There is no database of homes for FSBO listings, and finding listings for sale by owner is like finding a needle in a haystack! I’m talking from personal experience here too. The inventory of homes on the market in North Liberty under $250,000 has been low for months. At the end of last month I was looking at homes with a client and we ran out of homes on the MLS and needed to broaden our search to for sale by owner listings. It wasn’t easy and took scouring multiple websites and driving neighborhoods before we ultimately found 5 potential for sale by owner listings to view. Did we look at all 5 houses? Nope. One of the houses had an accepted offer, (yes, according to statistics it does work for about 10% of  for sale my owner listings), 2 sellers did not return my calls or emails and one had to cancel on the day of the showing. In other words, my client ended up viewing just one of the 5 potential listings available for sale by owner. The best part of this story is that one of those sellers listed their home with a Realtor one day after my client put an offer on another property, (without ever returning my calls). That got me thinking about another major factor why sellers trying to sell their homes themselves doesn’t work out – It’s simply because they already have a full time job. They don’t have the time to market their home or field the many calls or emails that might arise. The fact is that selling a home is a full time job and you’ll get the best results when you hire a full time Realtor to do it!

Listing Your House on the Iowa City MLS is the Start – Not the End!

Of course it goes without saying that just getting your for sale by owner home listed on the the MLS is not going to get it sold.Marketing and selling a home on the Internet In a market with low inventory like North Liberty it will certainly increase your chances of a quick sale, but at the same time, it is coming to the end of the selling season. Less buyer activity means you need to find a way to rise above the competition and get noticed by those buyers. I work with a lot of buyers and know for a fact that they make choices about the homes they want to see purely based on what they see on the Internet. Quality photos and a compelling description of the property will get your house noticed. I know this, because it’s worked for every one of the houses I’ve listed this year.  Most recently for this one on Carlyle Dr in North Liberty. Another example of a property that was harder to sell comes from earlier this year: This little house on the east side that was listed twice on the MLS before the seller came to me for help. (He worked with me to buy the house, but felt a larger company was needed to get it sold. He’ll be the first to admit he was wrong about that).

Marketing + Accessibility + Communication = Home Sold

What will get your for sale by owner listing sold? Preparation and Pricing are two solid first steps. The Golden Marketing Plan is what you’re missing when you try and do it yourself.  Selling a home in the Iowa City area is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of details to watch out for once the marketing kicks in and the calls start coming. This is our specialty at Cardinal Realty. We take care of the details and give you the peace of mind to get on with all the other important things in your life, like that full time job you have for instance, or taking your son to soccer practice. Before you lose anymore valuable time, (or sleep), wondering what else you can do to get your house sold, give me a call at 319-400-0268. Let’s get started on getting that SOLD sign in your yard!



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