Selling a Home: Rising Above the Crowd Online

These days almost all buyers start their home search on the Internet. Gone are the days when putting a sign in the ground and listing a house on the MLS sold a house.Selling Iowa City Real Estate - Online Marketing The Internet changed all that. What this shift means is that when you choose a real estate agent to sell your house, you want to make sure they know what they’re doing online. You don’t need a good online marketing plan. You need a great one! Buyers have a lot of choices and they’ll click past “boring” listings in a heartbeat. You want your house to be the house they see! As the tech savviest Realtor in the Iowa City area I can tell you that Cardinal Realty offers the most comprehensive online marketing plan in the area.

The fact is that real estate agents come in all shapes and sizes. We specialize in different areas, use different marketing techniques and in general have different skill sets that set us apart. What I can say about myself is that I have a “common sense” approach to real estate and recognized early in my career that the Internet was a game changer for the real estate industry. I’ve been “working it” since 2006 when I set up my first website, (that website has seen a few makeovers since then). In the meantime I’m what you could call a pro!

Websites Where You Will See Your Home Listed – A Single Property Website used to syndicate listings with Craigslist, ActiveRain and many other important real estate platforms

Local Real Estate Company Websites that participate in IDX – Real estate companies compete for your business, but once we’ve earned your business, we co-operate with one another to get your home sold. This means when you list with Cardinal Realty your listing shows up on the bigger brokerage sites in the Iowa City area. It also means their listings show up on our websites.

It doesn’t stop there of course. What sets our marketing plan apart from the rest is that I go the extra mile to get “blanket coverage” on the Internet – You can expect to see your home on all the social media sites that everyone is talking about – YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. The goal is to make sure buyers see your house regardless of where they spend their time.

Good Photos Sell Homes

To sell your house online you need to have good quality photos and videos. There is absolutely no way around that. Presentation is everything. All the exposure in the world won’t help sell your home if you don’t present the house in the most appealing way. That would be true everywhere in this very visual world. It’s even more true in the Iowa City area. Iowa City is a transient town and there’s a better than average chance that the potential buyer for your house will be relocating to Iowa City. These are buyers who will make a flying visit to Iowa City and choose homes to look at based on what they see on the Internet. You can see why that means you need to have the best and as many photos as possible for those buyers to see to make sure they choose to visit your house when they’re in town!

The Right Marketing Plan

My ultimate goal as the Broker Owner at Cardinal Realty is to use all the tools at my disposal to ensure a smoother real estate transaction. I do this by embracing technology throughout a real estate transaction – From a top notch online marketing plan to eSigning when the offer comes in.

Tech-Savvy, Responsive AND Effective – That’s the combo that ensures your selling experience is a good one when you sell your home in the Iowa City area.

Are you looking for the right Realtor to help you navigate the complexities of the real estate market, all the while looking out for you and your money? Sound advice and guidance is just a phone call, text or email away. Call Denise now at 319-400-0268.

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