Top Seller Questions – Selling a Home in the Iowa City Area

Home Sellers have three primary thoughts in their head when they call me to talk about listing their homes. This is true for the Iowa City area where I help sellers and is probably true for sellers everywhere.

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1. How much will you get for you home?

2. How much will it cost you to sell your home?

3. How long will it take to sell?

Below are some thoughts on what factors play into how much you’ll get for your house and how long it will take to sell. The question of cost of the sale of a house will vary and I’ve included a link below to a previous blog post that lays out the standard costs you can expect.

How Much Will You Get for Your Home?

Looking at recent sales data for homes similar to yours is the first step. You might think that a market analysis is an over-rated tool used by agents. Most agents offer a free CMA and when did anyone get anything of value for free? Well, that’s true. The CMA on its own is of limited value. It’s the expertise of the agent who knows how to analyze the data that is of value to the seller thinking of listing a home. A good agent will factor in aspects of a house that set it apart from others. She’ll also look at what the market is doing right now and the make up and desirability of specific neighborhoods. In short, the CMA offers a lot more value than it appears on the surface. The advice and insights that come with the CMA from a good agent who understands the real estate market in the Iowa City area is what will help figure out the answer to the number one question on most sellers minds.

How Much Will it Cost You to Sell Your Home?

There are three main components to calculate closing costs for sellers:

1. Abstract Updating, recording fees, etc

2. Real Estate Commission

3. Real Estate Taxes

It’s possible to estimate these costs I typically bring along a Closing Sheet for Sellers at listing appointments.

Here’s a link to a post breaking down the closing costs for sellers when they sell a home in the Iowa City area.

How Long Will it Take to Sell Your Home?

This question is not as easy to answer as the other two. It depends on a number of things. One of those things is your own motivation. If you’re committed to getting a higher price you might wait longer for the right buyer to come along. To move quickly you will need to position your house to “beat the competition.” In other words, list it at a price in line with the market. Buyers have lots of resources to research homes. They’re not going to pay more for your house when there are others similar on the market that cost less.

That said, even well priced homes will take longer to sell if they’re not marketed properly. Getting your house in front of as many buyers as possible will get it sold faster. Listing it on the Iowa City MLS is only part of the equation. There are A LOT of houses and condos for buyers to view online, it’s very easy for them to click past boring listings and they do it all the time. Making houses stand out in a crowd is my specialty. When you list your home with Cardinal Realty, your house will be seen and you will get showings. That doesn’t answer how long it will take to sell, but one thing I am absolutely certain about – A well prepared house that is marketed correctly and gets lots of showings doesn’t take long to sell!

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