Selling a home in Iowa City – How Real Estate Commission Works

When you understand how real estate commission works you’ll see why Cardinal Realty is able to offer a low seller’s commission.Low real estate commission - How it works I’m a licensed real estate broker in Coralville, so this post talks about what is typical in the Iowa City area real estate market.

Typically there is a listing agent and their broker and a selling agent, (buyer’s agent) and their broker. That’s the standard scenario that results in a 4 way split of the commission paid at closing. When you list your home in the Iowa City area with Cardinal Realty it is just a little different as I am the broker and that cuts out one of the players and makes for a 3 way split.

Why Cardinal Realty is Able to Charge a Low Commission Rate

When you list your home with Cardinal Realty the fact that it’s a 3 way split means we are able to charge a low seller’s commission.Low commission when you sell your house in the Iowa City area It makes sense, right? We still have all the costs of marketing your home and then there’s the commission to the selling brokerage, but there is one less player involved in the transaction and we think it’s only fair that you as the seller and home owner should profit from that.

Factors to Consider Before Listing your Home in the Iowa City Area

It’s no secret that I think the listing agent is the most important player when you list your home for saleThe size of the real estate company  on the other hand is not important. Agents are responsible for marketing their own listings even if they do hang their license at a bigger real estate company. A good agent who understands the Iowa City area real estate market and has a solid marketing plan will get your home sold, regardless of the size of the company they work for.

Good real estate advice and the excellent marketing plan are two things we have covered at Cardinal Realty. We’ve streamlined the process to cut out  unnecessary overheads and pass on the savings to you. What you get is first class service and  a top of the line marketing plan AND you get all of this for a low seller’s commission.

Got a house or condo to sell in Iowa City, Coralville or North Liberty? Contact me for a Free Market Analysis, or better yet call me at 319-400-0268. Let’s talk about getting your home in the Iowa City area SOLD!

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